Ep. 33: We Food For Thought

Put on your tinfoil hats, boys and girls! It’s time for Chris to lead Will, Matt, and you on a journey into mystery, as we crack open Garfield: The Movie and try to figure out what’s REALLY going on in there. What’s really going on with Liz? Why does Garfield seem so human? Where is […]

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Ep. 30: We Take the Cake

It’s a month full of celebration! We are joined by a VERY special guest this month: Wyatt Duncan, the man behind Garf Gab and the @GarfieldFanArt Twitter account! Wyatt joins the guys in celebrating Garfield’s 41st birthday, Garfield: The Movie‘s 15th anniversary, our 30th episode, and Will’s birthday! Those last two don’t actually get mentioned […]

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Ep. 29: We Ham it Up

This month, Will, Matt, & Chris seemingly have nothing special going on… until a few mysterious boxes show up! What could be inside? What are the answers we’re looking for? What do the guys think of Wendy’s? What’s the true nature of their relationship? Tune in here to find out!!!

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Ep. 28: We Weigh In

This month, Will, Matt, & Chris celebrate Garfield, and its roommate themes by having a couple of roommates on the show! Joined by Corey Spanner and Ben Kramer, the lads have a deep discussion about what it means to share a space with someone, and, much like Garfield and Odie, how to learn to love […]

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