Ep. 72: Bichon Frise Presents: It Ain’t Ogre Til It’s Ogre: The Variety Hour: The Musical: The Show: The Musical!

The holiday season is coming to a close. And with it comes the end of another season of It Ain’t Ogre ‘Ti It’s Ogre! But as the Ogre Crew celebrate the festivities, Chris discovers a horrible truth: the podcast has been bought by greedy businessman David Zaslav, who wants to turn the show into the […]


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Ep. 60: A Very Turtly Christmas

The year is nearly done, and there’s no disguising the fact that this year’s movie selection wasn’t an easy watch/rewatch! To round out this tumultuous fifth season, the Ogre Crew is on the quest to discover an elusive Master of Disguise Christmas special, only to be visited by an unexpected returning guest. Along the way, […]

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Ep. 59: Abraham Lincoln

We’re nearing the end of the month and the end of the year. Despite our best intentions, our original plans for this month’s episode fell through, so we have to improvise! The show must go on, etc! As such, Matt, Will, and Chris scramble to put together this season’s penultimate episode in a timely fashion, […]

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Ep. 58: Bubble Man

In this spooky and certainly quite kooky new episode, the Ogre Crew stay in the It Ain’t Ogre ‘Til It’s Ogre headquarters with a special mission: to deliver candy to the local children in their creepy, far-on-the-hilltop house! But as the lads discuss their pitches for a modern-day horror-ific version of The Master of Disguise, […]

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Ep. 57: George W. Bush

Ohhhhhh snap! It is September again, folks, and you know what that means! That’s right! Will, Matt, and Chris are gonna be discussing conspiracy theories surrounding 2002’s The Master of Disguise! This year, things get a little spicy when we get our first ever guest caller, Dale Johnson! Find out what he has to say […]

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ssoR boB :55 .pE

!ereh gninigami-er lacisnesnon siht no sthguoht sselesnes ruo raeh ot netsiL .ydemoc yevraC anaD dediugsim eht fo noisrev wen gnibrutsid siht si taht ssendam eht ssecorp ot tseb rieht yrt sirhC dna ,ttaM ,lliW ,nees eb ot tnaem saw ti yaw eht mlif eht gniees yllaniF .esiugsiD fo retsaM ehT s’2002 fo tuC drawkcaB eht […]

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Ep. 54: Slapping Dummy Man

This month on It Ain’t Ogre Til It’s Ogre, we all watched The Master Of Disguise, obviously. Of course. Why wouldn’t we? It’s the mid-year point, baby! And we cover the whole movie in-depth, for sure. Totally. Very extensive coverage. No question about it. Be sure to listen to our thoughtful, super specific, and extremely […]

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Ep. 53: Gluteus Maximus

Happy May! We’re back with a new episode! Unfortunately our pal Chris couldn’t join us this month, so it’s just Will and Matt hosting this month, though fortunately we’re joined by our good pal Ashley Thomas, Matt’s roommate and a BIG fan of the Master of Disguise… check out what we’ve got to say about […]

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Ep. 52: Constable Mueller

It’s April and the boys are back! And we’ve got our first guest of the season! AND it’s our most recent guest from last year’s holiday special, our old pal Daniel Telek! Join Will, Matt, Chris, and Dan as we discuss all of the absurdity of Dana Carvey’s 2002 feature The Master of Disguise in […]

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Ep. 49: Shrek & Donkey

We’re back!!! It’s time for another new season of It Ain’t Ogre ’til it’s Ogre, so Will, Matt, & Chris are BACK to do a new movie, BABY! Check out our season 5 premiere here to hear our initial thoughts on our latest annual movie: 2002’s The Master of Disguise!

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Ep. 41: Ogre Crew Goes Hollywood

In this very special episode of It Ain’t Ogre ‘Til It’s Ogre, we’re not JUST talkin’ Scooby-Doo (2002). No, Will, Matt, and Chris are diving into all THREE of Scooby’s cinematic outings, including both the recently released Scoob! (2020) and, in an Ogre First, the direct sequel to this season’s movie: Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed […]

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Ep. 40: Chill Out, Ogre Crew!

It’s April 20th and you know what that means! BAKING! That’s right, Will, Matt, and Chris are gonna be baking some like serious cookies and brownies and whatnot! Talk about toasted! While the goods are in the oven, join the fellas here as they talk about their fourth watch of Scooby-Doo this year, man!

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Ep. 34: We Sit Around the House

Uh-oh! It’s the SPOOKY MONTH! Will, Matt, and Chris are joined this month once again by our good friend Lauren O’Brien! And to celebrate the season, we’ve gone and done two things: first, in addition to watching Garfield: The Movie for the tenth time this year, we also checked out the 1985 TV Special Garfield’s […]

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Ep. 33: We Food For Thought

Put on your tinfoil hats, boys and girls! It’s time for Chris to lead Will, Matt, and you on a journey into mystery, as we crack open Garfield: The Movie and try to figure out what’s REALLY going on in there. What’s really going on with Liz? Why does Garfield seem so human? Where is […]

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Ep. 30: We Take the Cake

It’s a month full of celebration! We are joined by a VERY special guest this month: Wyatt Duncan, the man behind Garf Gab and the @GarfieldFanArt Twitter account! Wyatt joins the guys in celebrating Garfield’s 41st birthday, Garfield: The Movie‘s 15th anniversary, our 30th episode, and Will’s birthday! Those last two don’t actually get mentioned […]

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Ep. 29: We Ham it Up

This month, Will, Matt, & Chris seemingly have nothing special going on… until a few mysterious boxes show up! What could be inside? What are the answers we’re looking for? What do the guys think of Wendy’s? What’s the true nature of their relationship? Tune in here to find out!!!

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Ep. 28: We Weigh In

This month, Will, Matt, & Chris celebrate Garfield, and its roommate themes by having a couple of roommates on the show! Joined by Corey Spanner and Ben Kramer, the lads have a deep discussion about what it means to share a space with someone, and, much like Garfield and Odie, how to learn to love […]

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Ep. 25: We’re At Large

Guess who’s back! That’s right! It’s your pals Will, Matt, & Chris! Time for season 3, baby! And I don’t have to write this in rhyme anymore! That’s a relief! But you know the rules! A new year means a new season, which means a new movie to watch every month of 2019! So what’s […]

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Ep. 23: Ben

As this long winding year nearly comes to a close, Your good pals Will & Matt are now here with their bros! Yes, your hosts have been joined by a sibling before, But with two here this month, it sure won’t be a bore! With Will’s brother Nathan and Matt’s brother Joe, We have all […]

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Ep. 20: Cat in Mittens

Well, once again we have come down to the wire, But don’t worry, listeners, cause things are not dire. The whole month of August has simply been busy. So don’t let yourself get caught up in a tizzy! Will, Matt, and Chris are back to talk here today, And they’re joined by a good friend […]

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yadsendeW ykcaW :91 .pE

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Ep. 16: Hodcast on Podcast

Spring has now sprung in a beautiful way So let’s stay in and talk about movies today! Your friends Will, Matt, Chris, and Will’s sister are here To discuss if the movie fills young ones with fear Yes, Will’s youngest sis Emily joins us for now And we’ll see if she finds if the movie’s […]

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Bonus Ep: Green Eggs & Ham

On the first of the month that will bring us some rain, your good friends Will and Matt are both back once again!   And a guest we have wanted for quite a long while may have now come around here to make us all smile!   In addition, we’ve listed a long list of […]

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Ep. 13: The New Movie We’ve Seen

The year is new,
So things must now change…
The time has come
To make things real strange.
Since we will not watch Shrek
For a-whole-nother year,
Let’s invite a new Cat
To bring us good cheer!
“But wait,” you may say,
“Why not just watch Shrek 2?
That film is quite good!
It will not make you blue!”
We’re afraid that, dear listeners,
we have to confess…
We’d rather spend time
Watching this big huge mess!
In this new episode,
You will hear us tell more.
Don’t worry, just listen!
It won’t be a chore!
So, if you would please,
Our kind listeners, dear,
You can hear our new journey
By listening here.
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Ep. 12: It Ain’t Ogre ’til it’s Our Belated Holiday Extravaganza!

Just in time for New Year’s Day, Will and Matt relearn the value of Shrek and Christmas with friends and loved ones in their (belated) holiday extravaganza! Joined by Daniel Telek, Jimmy Marsh, Ryan Oliver and returning guests Ryan Gabos and Tom Duerr, it’s a holly, jolly event, filled with many references, callbacks, inside jokes […]

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Ep. 11: Did We Talk About Kevin?

In our penultimate episode, Matt and Will decide to take a peek behind the curtain. We pulled out our Shrek DVDs, went to the Special Features menu and clicked on the “Filmmakers Commentary” option, allowing us the chance to finally hear the directors and producers talk about the laborious process behind making Shrek. Additionally, Will […]

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Ep. 10: Are We Noble Men?

Happy Halloween! It’s the scariest time of the year, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than to listen to your good podcast friends Matt and Will discuss watching Shrek for the tenth time? Joined by our good friend Julianne Mobilian, we guide you through our latest viewing of the 2001 animated comedy, along […]

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Ep. 9: Are We Past Our Deadline?

Oh geez…. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? We’re at the tail-end of September and we still haven’t released our latest episode! In a race against the clock, Matt and Will hastily put together another ramshackle installment of It Ain’t Ogre ‘Til It’s Ogre, rushing feverishly against the sands of time to finish it on time. […]

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Ep. 8: What Did We Create?

It’s our official crossover episode! The Flintstones once met The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo once met the Harlem Globetrotters, Mickey Mouse once met Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons once met the Griffins (*shudder*), and now, Will and Matt meet up with the Cinemaholics in order to watch, analyze and deconstruct everyone’s favorite animated 2001 comedy Shrek. It’s our […]

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?nevaeH ni eW erA :7 pE

!ereh ti ot netsiL !yojnE .noos raelc eb lliw lla ,ergO s’ti liT’ ergO t’niA tI fo noitide gniticxe s’htnom siht otni enut tsuj uoy fi :siht uoy esimorp nac I ,renetsil raed ,lleW !?wonk ot ekil uoy t’ndluoW !?sdrawkcab …lla gnihtyreve si yhW !?no gniog s’tahW

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