Ep. 29: We Ham it Up

This month, Will, Matt, & Chris seemingly have nothing special going on… until a few mysterious boxes show up! What could be inside? What are the answers we’re looking for? What do the guys think of Wendy’s? What’s the true nature of their relationship? Tune in here to find out!!!

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Ep. 28: We Weigh In

This month, Will, Matt, & Chris celebrate Garfield, and its roommate themes by having a couple of roommates on the show! Joined by Corey Spanner and Ben Kramer, the lads have a deep discussion about what it means to share a space with someone, and, much like Garfield and Odie, how to learn to love […]

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Ep. 25: We’re At Large

Guess who’s back! That’s right! It’s your pals Will, Matt, & Chris! Time for season 3, baby! And I don’t have to write this in rhyme anymore! That’s a relief! But you know the rules! A new year means a new season, which means a new movie to watch every month of 2019! So what’s […]

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Ep. 23: Ben

As this long winding year nearly comes to a close, Your good pals Will & Matt are now here with their bros! Yes, your hosts have been joined by a sibling before, But with two here this month, it sure won’t be a bore! With Will’s brother Nathan and Matt’s brother Joe, We have all […]

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